September 30, 2010


© CNirvana

delicately dipping the toes in, just wet enough
splashing around the warm puddle
while wading in the kiddie pool
this is comfort

tripped and fell in the deep end
dive deep little swimmer
submerge and swallow the waves 
and let them wash you clean

your arms are stronger now
so the break doesn't seem as rough
this is the beginning

September 27, 2010

those who wait

©Michael Cordiez

this story continues from the one that never was but always will be
continuation of a life not quite remembered with 
the familiarity shared in silent syncopation 

a rhythm that needs no sound 
i've felt this all before she says 
as he whispers the same

the scent of longing lingers in her hair, that all too perfect smell
closed eyes breath and open mouths exhale
missing before the gone

skipped beat lying lonely just for a moment
good things come...

September 23, 2010

shadow of a dove

© Yoram Roth

behind my eyes, i dreamt of the black dove
flying around in misguided circles
swaying in the breeze as they often do
with no real intent or destination

with its ghostly shape of the silhouetted shadow
fluttering wings whisk by my coated eyelashes
wish i may, wish i might
have this wish i wish tonight

keep them closed, for you may see
the imaginary darkness of the wishing
wisher swishing the light to catch the day
caught again
and put on my arm where it will forever stay

September 22, 2010

lit up

©Noah Kalina

shades drawn tightly, and he asks me to close the door 
nodding in his direction, compliantly i listen
and watch the remainder of light dance round

i hear her in the distance, moaning quietly to herself
faintly, just far enough for the imagination to wonder
will she?

speaking as he did, with the words that seem spoken backwards
his poetic nonsense making sense with the gentle caress
of that lingering finger
wandering the folds of flesh and finding new ways
to dissimulate the reality of all too real

September 6, 2010


©Justin Lane

tormented distrust disrupting the tousled trounces
the clapping of the thunder bolting inside, louder
angst ridden wanting while waiting, wading tall grasses

he found a snake that wouldn't bite
its poison all ran out so it just lay there, restless
take my pain away