January 19, 2012


© CNirvana
Rebecca Lawrence

i'm listening to the same song again
reverberating in my head
then my vision blurs and I forget 

this moment, when watching turns internal 
the cover to this song sings me to sleep
just like the momentum in my speech

then he comes back with all the answers 
to nothing I asked
same thoughts with slight repetition

i forget the rest
nothing else matters

January 15, 2012


©J and J photography

this trip of a lifetime over the seas
hands held tightly with gentle attention to overindulge
just what i've always wanted

spare no expense on this one
it will all be gone before you
the only care, oceans blue

i watch him wonder through wandering
wishing this trip will never end
we are the same in this life

the shadow beneath us
so small in comparison 
together we reach such great heights

alive in what feels like a dream
escaping all else with the world on pause
and finding the rest seek

maybe perfect can exist