December 25, 2010


Christmas to all...

December 15, 2010

December 14, 2010

they say

© CNirvana
model credit: carly erin

change of plans, as the hands spin round
i met you at the right time, since time is all we have
when the slow to motion rolling backwards
to forward

you don't know what you want
i don't know what i need
said lying through the perfectly whitened teeth

the lines blurred ever slightly
yet painfully clear, in the nowhere near
try as we might

its all right there in front of you
fingers touching vastly vapid air
push me down this mountain, he says

just that little nudge to send me where i should
partner in crime not where he stood
but in the back of my mind ill always
save an empty pocket for you

December 8, 2010

maybe was

© Gila Nudes

singing to the sounds of the songs in my head
listening to the beat of the throbbing underneath
and when you really stop to listen
it all goes away
then the lack of missing finds it's place

i don't remember you
the way you smell 
dissipates far too quickly 
when I look away

but the sound of your voice still 
echoes in my dreams
the way you say you love me
and then you tell me that 
everything will be ok

I believe you 
even if you aren't real

December 6, 2010

good eye

© Steve Billups

and when I start to think the ducks make a line
one jumps out and starts to swim

and when the last bough breaks sending me flying
the wonder of where to land sinks in

and when he calls my name louder than that childhood whistle,
the one that always brought me home
i realize it no longer exists

and when the rhyme of the lyrics surpasses the tune
it's time to buy a new record
this one just doesn't play anymore

i miss the sounds of that broken jukebox
and how it always had a new song for me

December 2, 2010

© Chip Bulgin

after I left you, it all fell away
the wind blew with that directional pull
that seemed to drag the paint off the walls
and made the floor creak as if carried away by mice

that day 

when nothing seemed to make sense
regardless of the circles i made around myself

wrapped in the warmth of the faux autumn day
dancing with the fallen leaves to the rhythm
of that last song

the last one I heard, standing next to you
it seems louder the farther away i get
sing to me like you always do
i'll promise not to listen