December 7, 2012

which way


CH Harvey

i keep myself up
past the last stroke on the broken clock
wondering when is too late really

listening to the ticking
never seems to get easier 
with the dawn of twilight fading

and I wait
frustrated and disappointed
willing this mind to change

something will change

waiting for the next shoe to fall
paired sideways with the last
crumpled bits of paper scatter the floor

my aptitude of deceiver and deception
fall short of my skillful wallow
lying to the only one that really matters

somewhere the map got flipped upside down

torn corners, matching torn discoveries
lost again, with no way of my own

December 2, 2012


© CNirvana

the lovely Anastacia

I used to wear these shoes 
that never quite fit
wore them with vigor til the soles
fell out

I used to wear this necklace
the one with the unicorn
that I quickly grew out of
but could never let go of

A token
memory held of a lifetime
that I can't forget

regardless of the pool
I drown in
swimming, as I do

over hearing misheard conversations
watching words disconnect in the 
swirling of dissonant white noise

she spoke too loudly
so he wouldn't listen
but the conversation remained
the same