November 25, 2010

lonely leaves lay buried
between the longing and forgotten
fallen and faded
waiting to blow away

the bare limbs look down upon the discarded
patiently awaiting the clouded sky to break
with autumn's first fall

long, cold shadows pave the way
on the path of least resistance
as the golden light begins to fade

nipping at the nape of the naked throat
this chill shivers straight through to bone
knocking gently on the door of tomorrow

today I miss you
and by the day that follows,
you'll be nothing more than
the residue of the dream from which I awoke

November 18, 2010

sit stay

©Chip Bulgin

i sit surrounded by sleepy potential passengers
wasting the waiting with pocket computers in hand
yes, this seat is open
please, may I?

baffled yet not surprised by all fingers punching buttons

as the world around us seems to disappear
6am in the universe and all is well
lost in the where ever you want to be
Tap tap tap
Click. Send.

those that don't play along, chat quietly of the upcoming day
the day that's passed
the day that will never come

yes I am watching you, and her too
people watcher, it's what I do

assess, confess, digress, de-stress

and sir, you should really consider not smoking so much

the odorific aura you project ain't a sweet one, hence the empty seat

at the sound of the tone, the time will be just about now
please discontinue use of all electronic equipment and stow below the seat in front of you

thank you and goodnight

November 10, 2010


© Doug Doyle

"You walked in
Just like smoke
With a little come on, come on, come on
In your walk
Well, come on
I've been waitin'
Are you waitin?
For my move, well I'm makin' it
So tell me baby, can you shake it?
If I can move it with ya
Will you let me take it?

I'll be down on my knees
Screamin' take me, take me, take me, take me
I'm yours
I've never felt so out of control
You don't even know what you're doin' to me
Come on and do it to me

Don'tcha stop
Come on, come on
Come on little rabbit
Show me where you got it
'Cuz I know you got a habit"

66-afghan whigs
Greg Dulli is brilliant and i found him thanks to that man.  i do thank you...

this song sings in my dreams and i wake up there soon