February 29, 2012


© CNirvana
model: Stephanie Anne

the face with no eyes stares at me
with this sly smirk grinning
you know more than you say

up to my chin in mud and dirt
feeling that pulse in my chest
like the last train coming to a stop

the warm drops of water hit my cheek
falling from above
and gently rolling down to find their new home

and this hot steam rising 
making me sweat and wander
as the puddle builds beneath me,
swimming in a pool of blue

sing me to sleep again
where the dark night holds me
i never knew you, but i dreamt of you still

For Jaik Miller, laid to rest long before his time. An amazing songwriter and musician who will not soon be forgotten...


February 21, 2012


i need to get back to the subway
where those doors close tight
and the noise swallows me 

reuniting with the ones i love
we sit at the end of a long pew
staring at the bottom of this rocky road 

in excess, the only way to be
we wrap ourselves around each other
holding tightly to what we came for

i wait for you
in these empty moments
filled with the liquid of dreams
emptied by the last call