July 29, 2010

tossed aside

©Michael Cordiez
~special guest- Stephanie Anne

thrown off course when the navigation died, the thing that provides such comfort in times of need
swerving to avoid the puddles that envelope the world above and below
ditching dodges as the hole filled vacancies begin to grow

when there's nothing to listen to, the noise of the globe seems deafening in its silence
you're too smart to remember the way it sounded before the quiet, this still place
timeless, in its lack there of

coated in windless memories, singing softly behind the mirrored images of the long lost seashells
the approaching tree, knocked over in a fit of fury
it had to go when its time had come, riddled with poison and ready to die
the only thing tossed aside

July 23, 2010


©George Pitts

I don't want to be a distraction
I want to be the carnival, he says

subtracting the glowing lights of the monotony 
and the cacophonous circling of that last one
filling the hole with rawness of the prickly perfections
leaving the lost of the languid lips licked

as the rambling digresses into the soft swirl of 
the merry-go-round, we spin in the direction of the sun
hands extended, connected, clasped as one 

July 22, 2010


© Brad Wilson

one thought can transform your reality
one idea dropped in the wrong place in your mind
   swirls life as you know it, out of control
one memory held too tightly sends the rest of you to drown
swimming in circles, til the circles swell and swallow
the world around you may not be real
what do you believe when the dream is reality?

"You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away. You can't be sure where it will take you. But it doesn't matter - because we'll be together."

Christopher Nolan is a genius.  see the movie and watch it again.

July 19, 2010



half full

July 12, 2010

future past

baby candace and her little sister, 1980

"I have this theory that I'll die someday, so I don't want to miss anything" he says.  

the soldier, sailor, artist, daddy repeats to himself in front of me.  which job is most important?  which will be the most remembered?  which is the most important to him?  all that really matters.  "there she goes my beautiful world"  nick cave is a magician, a poet and a dream creater...   i wait patiently to meet his little man and capture the moment of daddy with his new shadow, partner, flesh and blood.  those seconds are the things that never die.  

today i went to breakfast and sat in a diner by myself, listening to really great 50's bands and music that makes me smile.   when i left, i gave a single dollar to a man on the corner.  he responded with the most genuine heart felt smile i may ever see.  i've felt that endless, unrequited love before.  i've seen that look in eyes that have no home.  

that moment, i will keep forever.

that smile, may have changed me as a person.  i need that hope.  i need that need outside of myself because without that... thing, the little thing, we are self involved pigs that swallow our own souls and die alone.  without that moment of hesitation that stops us on the street corner, life itself may be lost.  don't lose that moment.  it may be the one right before the bus full of fat people....

July 2, 2010

the past

© CNirvana
~amber g. in the sun...

yesterday i fell out of a tree.  it was my choice.  technically i jumped but was afraid to let go.  i fought the tree and the tree won.

yesterday i got some really bad news of the worst kind, but is was given with a grain of salt and taken with an exceptional amount of hope.  perspective is all we have when there's nothing left.  perspective is everything.

yesterday i went to bed early after a long and chilly day.  today i woke up to the sunrise and the rain bouncing off the roof in a pattern fit to dance to.  yesterday is gone.  learn from it.  leave it.  move on.