July 29, 2010

tossed aside

©Michael Cordiez
~special guest- Stephanie Anne

thrown off course when the navigation died, the thing that provides such comfort in times of need
swerving to avoid the puddles that envelope the world above and below
ditching dodges as the hole filled vacancies begin to grow

when there's nothing to listen to, the noise of the globe seems deafening in its silence
you're too smart to remember the way it sounded before the quiet, this still place
timeless, in its lack there of

coated in windless memories, singing softly behind the mirrored images of the long lost seashells
the approaching tree, knocked over in a fit of fury
it had to go when its time had come, riddled with poison and ready to die
the only thing tossed aside


  1. A beautiful poem, Flutterby Wonderwhy. I, too, am intrigued and oftentimes in awe with things neglected, "tossed aside", the opposite of grand beauty, the simple majesty and grace of things small and. perhaps, the "ditching dodges", the "long lost seashells" that may not be tomorrow. Within the decay and poison of a tree, eroded by insect, invaded by human, the tree remains steadfast, even when swept down by some merciful wind, the roots are there, remembering, even, the beginning. Thank you for your blog, dear lady.

  2. Incredible image - you guys rock! :-)