August 7, 2010


© Doug Doyle

lost stuffed teddy bear found on highway side
wonder who would leave him behind
cruising with the yellow birds 
listening to the singing praises as they preach
perched on the sil of this here window-
washer watching
what they whisper loudly, telling all his secrets 
and leaving the lost lover where he lies, under his starry night

Alice feel asleep again as she thought she watched the second hand
drifting off to merry dreamland 
'Just don't change a thing', she thinks, 
as her ring changes from blue to pink

the sleepy field mouse looks strangely like that rat
those beady eyes glow in the dark as dreams change to 

Pause. Rewind.

the erasure begins to unwind 
the faceless hands 
of times twisted sense of mind.  

go back to sleep young thing.  it was nothing more than a bad dream.  

1 comment:

  1. Not meant for posting: Much of work photowise seems so dark and sad. But here in your writing I see a glimmer of hope, although sad on an intellectual level. That's just my reaction. Maybe I'm out of line saying something like that.