August 21, 2010


© Michael Cordiez- Rossland, BC

learning new things about new people has become the most enjoyable part of my day.  listening to those seemingly innate conversations between him and her about this that they dare not say louder than that.  the education of the little one who seems to be in complete control of all that surrounds her.  she wants one, so just give it to her.  round and round the circle fly the cars that used to be so grounded.  faster as they spin off track to the collision course of the imagination that leads to the place in the beginning.  back where they began to see that it really never mattered.  there's no place i'd rather be.  you know.  that place called...

skip, hop, jumping to the next thing that's on the agenda.  the never ending list of to-do.  growing anxiety ridden piece of paper with the chewed off edges.  you finished that one, didn't you?  i thought i knew the answer to the last question but than i realized that the words that i thought were in order no longer made sense. and that damn knot is back again, the one that crashed the last car.  speed bump. road kill.  off to seek the magic man.  he has all the answers, even to those that have yet to be asked.
what do you want to know?

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