June 29, 2009


© D-Eye

amazed that im still awake and more amazed that im coherent enough to continue editing.  its past my bedtime on a normal day but mix that with the day spent shooting in the hot, hot sun and the tenacious cat that didn't sleep last night... i should be a zombie.  dedicated to my project at hand i continue.  meow, meow, meow purr my nightmares. tomorrow i sleep in

June 27, 2009

sipping wine

©Michael Scott Lees

enjoying an over priced meal with a friend today, he revealed that i am more relaxed after a glass of wine.  what a revelation!

so i enjoy every sip now realizing that my life slowly becomes clearer the more clouded my perception gets... or something like that.  and yes you can say im a bit sarcastic, but my life is still a holiday

June 25, 2009

leaving on a jet plane

back on a plane again.  i seem to never leave the airport.  leaving the chills of sydney winter to arrive in the chills of san fran summer.  weather today: chilly.  forecast: bright and sunny regardless of the cloud cover.  leaving my holiday here to continue it in wine country with my book project mostly accomplished.  i love my life today.  and ill love it in my today that i live again once i arrive refreshed after my 15 hrs on the cramped United flight.  yeah.  Good bye Sydney, til we meet again...

June 24, 2009


today is as long as you let it be.  tomorrow is as clean and new as you want it to be.


tonight i came home and took a moment to glance at the stars, remembering the days when i would lay in my parents driveway and point out the constellations with my closest buddy.   we'd chat for hours on end about this and that and nothing at all.  i spoke to a dear friend hours ago and gave him moments of tomorrow.  currently my moments of getting ready for bed are in my friends future.  the conversation shared is where it should be deep in my memories, tomorrow i will wake up in his today and fly home to where i long to be.  amazing the difference a day makes.  moments lost of yesterday can be recreated in today.   

June 23, 2009


© Vernon Trent

Every now and then i submit and give in to my guilty pleasures.  i don't have many and the ones i do have usually have negative repercussions.   Specifically my favorite comfort food... cheese.  In my older years i seem to have developed a tragic allergy.  Ok its not literally tragic but the thought of never having the one thing that gives me such simple pleasure is tragic!  So this morning i wake up with my "cheese hangover" and continue my day with the happy memories of my overindulgence.  life seems easier when you wake up in a good mood.

June 22, 2009


Sydney is a beautiful city filled with wonderful people with an energy that makes my soul smile.  i shot with my lovely friend Chris Meredith.  After a silly shoot in a cramped studio we went to his gallery show.  Great display of work at the show and i'm not just being biased when i say Chris's images were the best in show.  He got an award for the image that we did last summer.  I love it here.

June 21, 2009

A day in Sydney

i find myself wandering the streets, distracting myself from my book project that brought me here.  My week or so in Sydney is a bit of a working holiday.   Time to finish what i have begun and make room for what's new, what's to come, what's next.  wandering as i often do, watching the light bounce around.  Savoring the moments of my day and enjoying the seconds i steal from others.  seconds...

June 20, 2009


one of my greatest passions is shooting children.  spending time with little ones, playing, imagining, dreaming.   Now i have a beautiful niece that i can take endless photographs of.  I'm at the time in my life where all my friends are having babies, beautiful, smart, vivacious babies that bring me endless joy. I borrow them for an hour or two then send them back to the arms of mom and dad.   the babies I like the most though are those i capture without them seeing the camera.  Stealing their innocence before they have a chance to lose it.  These are a few of those...

June 19, 2009

filling in the gaps

Sedona sunset with my best friend Moon

making noise, stopping to listen, hearing the words and feeling the rest

June 18, 2009

day in the life...

Thanks Phil!!

start my day with a soy flat white, australian version of a yummy latte.  mmmm.  sit and edit til my back hurts too much to see straight.  gaze out the window at the birds flying by that make the coolest noises.  i wake to them at 6 am since my sleep pattern has yet to normalize.  sleep, how i miss it.  i do love the smell of eucalyptus in the morning

June 7, 2009

day 1- to blog or not..

im continually fascinated by those in the world that can fully put themselves out there.  i spend hours of my day reading sections of others lives that are in public forums.  reading opinions of those who i wholly disagree with but still read because i am nonetheless fascinated.  to the internet world.  exposed, vulnerable, naked.  I live my life in the public eye i suppose but never let anyone see me.  do you see me?  can you? so i blog and let you see the pieces that i can show, that i create, that i let go of.  or do i?...