November 9, 2013


she gave me a piece of her childhood
and helped me find mine
connected to that piece
a simple gift, with a red shirt
the 'uncarved block'

she gave me the space to listen to myself
and i welcomed her
she gave me the freedom to just be
and i took it

she gave me the flexibility to fulfill my needs
because they are just mine
she gave me the time
all i've ever wanted was just enough

she gave me what i was asking for
which is all exactly what i needed
she gave me the peace to sit with myself
a task i rarely allow myself to do

so i sit
to just her
the little one i've ignored for too long

the only one that has all of my answers
and knows that all i really want is to 
just sit, for this moment.

~Reading the TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff just may change your life...

October 30, 2013


Sydney- ©CNirvana

And I dance with this devil on my back
Spinning and swirling to release
I'm back in this hole that seems to fit
With this overwhelming resonance that I can't fight

I wish my mind were as simple as his
I wish this, that surrounds me wouldn't swallow 
I wish and I wish and then I stop spinning

This city has a piece of me
Not necessarily kept, but specifically held
With the disjointed style of inconsistency...

It must be a new driver
Heavy on the brakes 
And not aware of the broken ride created by inconsistently pausing 
With no reason and backwards rhyme 

I don't know how else to say I miss you
You'll ignore me til I'm gone 
But ill always feel you
In that place I told you would always stay

July 27, 2013

its never goodbye

i miss the way your words excite me
the sound of your voice, the nice one
the pedestal I sat you on 
caught fire
i hope I didn't burn you
but really it's only fair

i know i should write more 
and that's why I miss NY
the subway inspires great things 
and numbs them all the same

i know you'll never die
maybe we will see you on the beach next to ours
where I sit wondering if too little is too late

the word that reminds me of you
and this beat is stuck 
in the depths of my spine
because I will never remember
the first song we danced to...

February 7, 2013

captive audience

Anastacia- the siren

she elicits these songbirds that sing with the gift of god
voices like the angels 

who whispered softly in her dreams

they sit and watch 
as she purrs with the magic that she is
rise and stand
they willing accept her sermon

and gently, she taps these chords
every vibration hit just so right
and they sit, watch, and become

what she intends that they are meant to be