July 27, 2013

its never goodbye

i miss the way your words excite me
the sound of your voice, the nice one
the pedestal I sat you on 
caught fire
i hope I didn't burn you
but really it's only fair

i know i should write more 
and that's why I miss NY
the subway inspires great things 
and numbs them all the same

i know you'll never die
maybe we will see you on the beach next to ours
where I sit wondering if too little is too late

the word that reminds me of you
and this beat is stuck 
in the depths of my spine
because I will never remember
the first song we danced to...


  1. I wonder if you remember the last song...

    Good stuff. I enjoyed it.

  2. I stopped by again to read this. Or, I stopped by to read this again.
    Maybe both.
    I see some song lyrics here.

  3. You must be on a new path these days.