October 30, 2013


Sydney- ©CNirvana

And I dance with this devil on my back
Spinning and swirling to release
I'm back in this hole that seems to fit
With this overwhelming resonance that I can't fight

I wish my mind were as simple as his
I wish this, that surrounds me wouldn't swallow 
I wish and I wish and then I stop spinning

This city has a piece of me
Not necessarily kept, but specifically held
With the disjointed style of inconsistency...

It must be a new driver
Heavy on the brakes 
And not aware of the broken ride created by inconsistently pausing 
With no reason and backwards rhyme 

I don't know how else to say I miss you
You'll ignore me til I'm gone 
But ill always feel you
In that place I told you would always stay


  1. You have returned. Please stay...

  2. Only the terrain. Concrete, absorbs knows. Your step.