November 9, 2013


she gave me a piece of her childhood
and helped me find mine
connected to that piece
a simple gift, with a red shirt
the 'uncarved block'

she gave me the space to listen to myself
and i welcomed her
she gave me the freedom to just be
and i took it

she gave me the flexibility to fulfill my needs
because they are just mine
she gave me the time
all i've ever wanted was just enough

she gave me what i was asking for
which is all exactly what i needed
she gave me the peace to sit with myself
a task i rarely allow myself to do

so i sit
to just her
the little one i've ignored for too long

the only one that has all of my answers
and knows that all i really want is to 
just sit, for this moment.

~Reading the TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff just may change your life...