October 30, 2010

lock and key

~the amazing Stephanie Anne

when i run away will you remember me?
insert broken memories
push play as we move along the waterside
sliding by...
i apologize
the fast forward button got stuck again

lets just sit and wait awhile and watch the flowers grow
you know, they will be pretty one day
the you mixed with me
little soon to be's
happy fairytaled make believe

when this lock can find its key

October 23, 2010


© April Lea

as I stand on the edge, teetering between here and too far
waiting for just the right moment to jump in and swim away 

standing, watching breathlessly as the clouds dissipate
breaking ever so slightly to reveal that imminent light
that i've been waiting for 

bathe me in the glowing light that seems to wash me clean 
a baptism of sorts, the kind where the end and the beginning meet
keep me in your glow, hold me tighter
dip me once and then again

as if this were my last bath, breath
the only one ill never need
the only one 

swimming swans float along the waterside
i watch them as they gaze, then take the long way round
back to the opening of my mind
the beginnings end

as the bells toll telling me its that time again

i finally feel whole
eyes closed and dreaming

completely elevated, frolicking in the moon bounce

with the elasticity of the never ending
hold your breath again

you'll see

October 17, 2010

just a piece

east side gallery, berlin~

watching carefully as the swelling puddles fill with the misty droplets of deliberate rain
it falls from the gray and dimly lit sky with a purpose and intent like i've never before seen
this expected deliverance of gloom fills the air, but life 
   as they know it continues, wrapped tightly in scarves and goulashes 

walking the stream of the brightly colored wall 
sprinkled with umbrellas and camera toting tourists

here we all stand, connected and separate in the lack of unification
what remains of this great wall whispers stories of past and future
and sits daintily painted for the rest of the world to see
the glimmer of the setting sun in the distance bounces around

and disappears 
we all walk away in different directions and end up in the same place 

October 12, 2010

charmed life

prancing down the ocean line with my toes between the sand
skipping like the little girl that wanders without a care
seashells and sunsets, ahh the simple life

wings spread wide, watch her fly

life is a holiday
reality shall wait

and as the stars twinkle and glow
exposing the endless view in to tomorrow
laying in the dampness of the grass becomes the only thing

you can see it all here
before, after and forever
these seconds compounded to last in the eternity of memory
caught in the butterfly net, exactly where i should be

October 11, 2010

next to me

© CNirvana

toast the stranger next to me with my plastic cup of cheap wine
arrival time, sooner than I think
as the turbulence begins to mount, the one thing that grounds me sets in
my calming memory

watching the little feet as she squirms in her slumber
hold me while I sleep next to your heart beat
her little hands wave and wander as she dreams of little things

perfection found in the yet to be

wings clipped to ground the little bird
flutterby right to where the 'should be' lies
you hear me now as your voice bounces around my brain

like the music of the wild horse tamer

flying farther with a return ticket stamped and dated
the itinerary yet to be determined

but the story will be nothing short of amazing 
soon to be
and nothing less

October 6, 2010

listen to me

© sai sivenasan

looking down the diner line, watching the interaction of the coupled pairs pretend reacting.  she holds her face in lame attempts to hold back the tears, in fear of revealing the person that she really is.  real emotion released in public is rarely appropriate.  "if I pull my hair perhaps that will help fight my reality".   as she carries on the almost story that she fears to tell, the boy in the next booth sits comfortably beside his lover. 

the two chat about this and that, looking lovingly at each other from across the greasy table.
"Rub my head again like you do our puppy.  I do so love when you touch me there." 
wistful gaze smiling gently as mouths fill full of food.  

and behind them the conversation of a missed connection ensues.  "I'm sorry I didn't invite you to my wedding.  I didn't think my wife would want to meet a girl I used to fuck", he says.  "It's ok, I had a baby shower anyway", she retorts.  embarrassed to listen to the trip to hawaii, staring at the band around his finger.  poignantly proving she is not the one.

and down the line sits mom and daughter.  happy little sprite amused with the noise of life that surrounds her.  smiling gaily at the strangers ways, as mom pouts and sulks in the corner.  some people shouldn't have children.  

little one's completely entertained by next to nothing as mom wallows in her self absorption.  the magical mind of a child continues to baffle and bemuse.
your innocence is not lost on me...