October 6, 2010

listen to me

© sai sivenasan

looking down the diner line, watching the interaction of the coupled pairs pretend reacting.  she holds her face in lame attempts to hold back the tears, in fear of revealing the person that she really is.  real emotion released in public is rarely appropriate.  "if I pull my hair perhaps that will help fight my reality".   as she carries on the almost story that she fears to tell, the boy in the next booth sits comfortably beside his lover. 

the two chat about this and that, looking lovingly at each other from across the greasy table.
"Rub my head again like you do our puppy.  I do so love when you touch me there." 
wistful gaze smiling gently as mouths fill full of food.  

and behind them the conversation of a missed connection ensues.  "I'm sorry I didn't invite you to my wedding.  I didn't think my wife would want to meet a girl I used to fuck", he says.  "It's ok, I had a baby shower anyway", she retorts.  embarrassed to listen to the trip to hawaii, staring at the band around his finger.  poignantly proving she is not the one.

and down the line sits mom and daughter.  happy little sprite amused with the noise of life that surrounds her.  smiling gaily at the strangers ways, as mom pouts and sulks in the corner.  some people shouldn't have children.  

little one's completely entertained by next to nothing as mom wallows in her self absorption.  the magical mind of a child continues to baffle and bemuse.
your innocence is not lost on me...


  1. You took me there. I even ordered apple pie........

  2. I think you are one of the best short story writers, tellers I have ever come across on the internet. When are you going to write a complete novel? The world needs something good to read.