October 23, 2010


© April Lea

as I stand on the edge, teetering between here and too far
waiting for just the right moment to jump in and swim away 

standing, watching breathlessly as the clouds dissipate
breaking ever so slightly to reveal that imminent light
that i've been waiting for 

bathe me in the glowing light that seems to wash me clean 
a baptism of sorts, the kind where the end and the beginning meet
keep me in your glow, hold me tighter
dip me once and then again

as if this were my last bath, breath
the only one ill never need
the only one 

swimming swans float along the waterside
i watch them as they gaze, then take the long way round
back to the opening of my mind
the beginnings end

as the bells toll telling me its that time again

i finally feel whole
eyes closed and dreaming

completely elevated, frolicking in the moon bounce

with the elasticity of the never ending
hold your breath again

you'll see


  1. My brain's tiny little legs are working hard to keep up to you on this one. My ego tells me to read it again, and again. My super ego tells me it's a midnight swim.
    My id tells me to just look at the photo. Is there ever an answer to the question?
    Happy to hear you again.