October 17, 2010

just a piece

east side gallery, berlin~

watching carefully as the swelling puddles fill with the misty droplets of deliberate rain
it falls from the gray and dimly lit sky with a purpose and intent like i've never before seen
this expected deliverance of gloom fills the air, but life 
   as they know it continues, wrapped tightly in scarves and goulashes 

walking the stream of the brightly colored wall 
sprinkled with umbrellas and camera toting tourists

here we all stand, connected and separate in the lack of unification
what remains of this great wall whispers stories of past and future
and sits daintily painted for the rest of the world to see
the glimmer of the setting sun in the distance bounces around

and disappears 
we all walk away in different directions and end up in the same place 


  1. Once again, you've taken me there. Love the crack in the wall..the apposing hands, similar but not the same..the different color tones border the crack. It's all well thought out.
    Deliberate Intent Connected