June 24, 2009


today is as long as you let it be.  tomorrow is as clean and new as you want it to be.


tonight i came home and took a moment to glance at the stars, remembering the days when i would lay in my parents driveway and point out the constellations with my closest buddy.   we'd chat for hours on end about this and that and nothing at all.  i spoke to a dear friend hours ago and gave him moments of tomorrow.  currently my moments of getting ready for bed are in my friends future.  the conversation shared is where it should be deep in my memories, tomorrow i will wake up in his today and fly home to where i long to be.  amazing the difference a day makes.  moments lost of yesterday can be recreated in today.   

1 comment:

  1. You have a blog! Why didn't no-one tell me?? Hmnph.

    Well, I guess I know now.
    Tomorrow is clean, you're right. And it feels clean for about 45 seconds.