August 22, 2010

incidental interaction

©Zoe Wiseman

he made me a drink as i gladly accepted and went up to my room to read and wonder, wander the pages, searching for the spot in my mind where nothing but the words are allowed.  the stories of the mishaps flooding the headlines creep in, mixed with the voice of my beloved music man with the power to make the world disappear.  he sings to me regardless of my dedication to the focus at hand.  voice enveloping my mind and diving in to my soul.  

"every time you get a drink
and every time you go to sleep
are those dreams inside your head
is there sunlight on your bed"

the one man i can crave without remorse, the one that i have no desire to actually have.  i hear you reading and know you're watching in the silence of your darkness, that place where she can sit beside you and hold your hand and make you forget that you already forgot who you are.  it's terrible love, when the waves of monotony become habitual.  here we are again.  same damn circle.  excuse me sir, this is my exit.  time to get off.   you already missed your turn...

1 comment:

  1. When you don't post for a couple days it gives me the chance to revisit older things you've written. This one struck me this time with great clearity. It's my new favorite.