November 25, 2010

lonely leaves lay buried
between the longing and forgotten
fallen and faded
waiting to blow away

the bare limbs look down upon the discarded
patiently awaiting the clouded sky to break
with autumn's first fall

long, cold shadows pave the way
on the path of least resistance
as the golden light begins to fade

nipping at the nape of the naked throat
this chill shivers straight through to bone
knocking gently on the door of tomorrow

today I miss you
and by the day that follows,
you'll be nothing more than
the residue of the dream from which I awoke


  1. Really beautiful, I adore the picture, and the words are so evocative, especially how I woke up feeling today. Thank you for posting x

  2. I find it interesting that my brain first saw your photo as tree shadows lying across snow covered ground. The sun light being the camera flash reflecting off the snow. I was wrong but it still fits.
    "residue of the dream".....nice....
    Always a pleasure to read a new one.