December 14, 2010

they say

© CNirvana
model credit: carly erin

change of plans, as the hands spin round
i met you at the right time, since time is all we have
when the slow to motion rolling backwards
to forward

you don't know what you want
i don't know what i need
said lying through the perfectly whitened teeth

the lines blurred ever slightly
yet painfully clear, in the nowhere near
try as we might

its all right there in front of you
fingers touching vastly vapid air
push me down this mountain, he says

just that little nudge to send me where i should
partner in crime not where he stood
but in the back of my mind ill always
save an empty pocket for you


  1. I wish someone else would chime in here. I think your stuff is fantastic. Either I'm the only one that can see it or I am a demented idiot. I would like to know which I am so I can get a room at the mental hospital if need be. : )
    Either way, I enjoy reading this blog.

  2. it's true. no one wants you once they have you.

  3. That's not at all what I was saying with those words, anonymous. But interesting interpretation.