February 23, 2010


©Zoe Wiseman
mission, beach, QLD, from Fiat Lux~zoes newest book

on the streets of manhattan today, walking aimlessly to catch the $10 bus, i saw an old friend.  an old flame, who i haven't seen purposefully for years.  in the middle of manhattan we meet, chat under the broken umbrella, share niceties and part ways.  i smile when he says "you look great", dripping wet and covered in my NYC way.   "You have a certain glow." he says,  a phrase thats been repeated often recently.  a relative stranger i met in LA last week acknowledged the same.  As we sat watching the sunset sipping from the $100 bottle of wine he turns to me and says, "you sit here in your appropriately tattered jeans and old navy t-shirt and no make-up and are by far the most radiant woman here".  goes to show, money doesn't make you beautiful.  its something on the inside, something more valuable than dollars or the bottom line.  is it something you can fake?  trick yourself in to believing happy just by smiling deeply on the inside?  one may never know. in the meantime...

im enjoying the changes i've created and looking forward to the subtleties that follow.


  1. well, now I need to know.
    we need to catch up!
    talk soon?
    love ya

  2. Candace
    Your beauty, radiance and sex appeal comes from your amazing self confidence and intelligence. You are relaxed and calm because you know who you are and what you like and do not like. This comes from knowledge, experience, intelligence, education both formal and not.