April 9, 2011


I've been focusing fully on my other "self" lately, shooting lots of pretty pictures of munchkins, hot chicks and commercial jobs.  In the midst, I have bordered on ignoring the model me that is currently featured in Carrie Leigh's NUDE.  8 pg spread with work from some of my favorites, Vernon Trent, Dave Aharonian, April-Lea Hutchinson to name a few.   The article's not bad either.  To quote a friend "I learned some new things about you."  Lots of questions answered...

A fantastic art publication that seems to be published quarterly but missed its mark for this issue.  Nonetheless, its available now.  Seemingly only through the website, so its my duty to post it here!  

Go here for your Current Issue of NUDE  Get one, you'll like it.  Get two and ill sign it :)


  1. I'd be very interested in seeing more of the photographer you. A mind like yours should have an interesting perspective. That may not be a compliment. :) lol