November 19, 2009

down is the new up

©Tito Trelles- NYC

"Get yourself together
Let the light pour in
Pour yourself a hot bath, pour yourself a drink
Nothing's going to happen without warning
Down is the new up"

cruising the highway in style on the double decker bus. en route to boston where the trip is slowly unraveling. one rather large cancellation and another sick photographer that just wanted to give me a "heads up". i should probably be stressed or try to book more work since i still need to feed myself eventually but i can honestly say im over it. i should be stressed since december is wide open and ive put no effort in to booking work but it always works out in the end so stress is no longer allowed.

"Won't you be my girl?
Your services are not required
Your future's bleak, you're so last week"

as i get farther away from one of my favorite cities i sit and wonder. the blur of the two days was exciting, satisfying, and full of adventure which is what every trip to NYC has become for me.

japanese pop-stars, epic rock and rollers, origami elephants and overrated drinking holes.

i could end up there and wrap myself in the swirling heart beat of america's wonderland. i could end up in SF or maybe i actually belong in sydney. only time will tell, or something like that. i do miss tomorrow and all the things it holds for me.

"Down is the new up
What if I just flip-flopped?"

the ride progresses as my tired, achy body gets weaker. exhausted mentally and physically, i fight off sleep to edit baby pictures. my one true love. the little one thats growing too fast as i keep wandering the world.

"You crawled off and left us
Crawled off and left us
You bastard"

im addicted. to too many things...

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