November 26, 2009


©Cameron Attree- mission beach
my friend~stephanie anne

today we give thanks for the 19 lb stuffed turkey covered in thick gravy, cranberry sauce and corn bread in gluttonous proportions, celebrating america's victory and carnage over those who came before us

today we give thanks for the drunken moments we spend with forgotten family members who were left behind on purpose

today we give thanks for the tryptophan and extra whip creamed coma that makes the kiddies disappear

...and the cynic subsides

and we give thanks for those that really love us, can say so and actually mean it

thanks for the plentitude of food that satisfies our hungry with leftovers to keep us happy, healthy and fed for days

thanks for the quiet drive home. silence is often truly golden

thanks for family and friend~like family, the ones i see and especially those i can only feel. you're not forgotten.. i saved some pumpkin pie for you

thanks for tomorrow. when life goes back to normal with the belly still full and the warm glow still where it should be

today i am thankful