March 1, 2010

still moving

flicker, fade, run to hide
this memory screams louder than the noise of that missed subway train

waiting on silence
as the dissapearing act begins
lost in the city of millions
cloaked in the obvious disguise

look left, turn right
as the Q train approaches with it's humming purr, it's gentle rumble rubs just the right spot

sitting surrounded by the sucked me in
wishing for that finish of the hot shower cleansing me of the city filth

pretty girl, long lost boy, innocence perpetuated in the miniature I heart NYC cap. has he lost his soul yet or is he still disillussioned enough to dream?

lights whiz by, glances turn away
fingers gingerly strumming the keys of the mini almost computer
"Do not lean on the door"
trouble lurks outside the gap

gap between the breathing dragon and the one may never know
the hunger gnawing at the rotting esophagus

and she paws at the corner of the music video distracing the journey to her magical land of cherub faced kisses

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