March 17, 2010

who are you?

baby nirvana, 1980

when the looking glass sees through to who you will be will you still fall down the hole to find her?
drink me, slowly now for fear of disappearing entirely
eat me, and you will finally be able to reach that door that you've been looking for
in the garden with the gloved rabbit, that which you once knew will no longer be
the you who arrived has forever changed becoming the you of today
who are you?
truth no longer makes sense

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is a visually sugar coated extension of the beloved original tale. thirteen years after her first adventure in the fairytale wonderland, she grows to realize that her reoccurring dream is no longer make believe.   she conquers the jabberwocky as only she can do, and her story continues forth out of the pretend world that she once that was all in her head.

"i will  miss you when i wake up"- Alice Kingsley

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