June 6, 2010

that song

music is a huge part of my day, my life, my sanity.  i've recently fallen for  The National, a brooklyn-based indie rock band with an infectious contagion.  i've seen quite a few bands live and get off on the crowd surrounding me (even in my claustrophobia) mixed with the pulse of the vibrating sound, regardless of if the show is technically good or not.  i can honestly say that last night was the best show i've seen to date.  proximity to the stage, quality of the sound (surprising, coming from the known shit acoustics of the electric factory) and sheer entertainment factor was exceptional. electric.  moving.  perfect.  
i'm in love.

not to mention the mini pre-show at breakfast.  these guys are amazing.  simply put.  i will forever be a fan.

and the song i waited for...

"Abel, come on, give me a reason
I am not as bright as I could be
Abel, come on, take me with you
Everything has all gone down wrong"

Abel- High Violet, The National... nearly brought me to tears

when you finally get what you've been waiting for, sit back, watch, and be grateful

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