June 14, 2010

those girls

© CNirvana
Meet Sara~
this weekend i made lame attempts at shooting model portfolios.  my girlfriend has a promotional agency and her ladies are in desperate need of new images.  in hops candace.  the "models" aren't actually models at all which made my job slightly more challenging.

i realized painfully quickly that even with all my experience in front of the camera i'm clueless as to how to direct a model. (hence the book, coming soon... it wont be long now.)   i've been fortunate enough in my shooting to work with amazing talent, spoiled.  also an added addition to the ease of great shots is the fact that i know most of my models, and know them well.   these ladies were fun but ultimately i fall back to my true love.


Julianna- again and always

a good friend said i'm better with babies.  "magical even".  i believe he's right.
and that makes me happy.

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