January 26, 2011

happiness is

© CNirvana
the three sisters- Katoomba, NSW

enjoying a sweltering hot day in the crispness of a refreshing waterfall

gazing out at the sunset with my naked feet 
planted firmly in the sand, 
where I always long to be

casually running into a bouncing kangaroo, your curiosity is as much as mine

sitting peacefully in the freshly cut grass and
watching the most beautiful birds flap their wings as they sing to me
i've never heard a song as sweet

wandering along a treelined path with the fragrant aroma of eucalyptus filling the air
i take that smell home with me but its never the same

riding the back of a motorbike 
holding tightly as we twist down the windy road
watching the world fly by

hiking through the bush, traversing the most interesting the terrain
with the gentle dewey raindrops splashing my cheeks

peering out into the distance, amongst the trees
as far as the eye can see
surrounded by towering peaks of powerful rocks 
that seemingly climb for clouds

wandering arm in arm through the effervescent, always entertaining nightlife of the city as it twinkles, sparkles and fades to sleep

 just a few happiest moments of the land that captured me
australia take me back, and keep me...
thank you to all my friends, new and old for making my adventure the best yet.  next time may be longer.

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