February 9, 2011

another day

©Malcolm Grant

in the mix of monotony and variety that my life has become to be, sometimes i have a shoot that consists of a few consecutive minutes.  these minutes compound, mixed with friendly banter, humorous interaction and often pure delight in the connection with the photographer and congeal into a sequential hour.  and by the end of that hour its time to have a beer.

sometimes those few moments are just enough.  to date, my shortest shoots with some of my favorite people have produced the greatest results.  here are a few from an hour of one of my last days in sydney.  i left my heart there.  ill be back soon

more soon from another shoot with my good friend, zoe wiseman... about 30 minutes of our lives completed, finished with an equally satisfying massage.  yeah my life is that great. be jealous.


  1. The first,Malcolm Grant, photo is a keeper. It reminds me of Kiss of The Spider Woman.
    Tell them not to be jealous.......just get their own!

  2. Wonderful work! Very jealous, both of your life, and the images. Keep up the good work. x Z