April 10, 2012

just kiss me

© CNirvana 

it's orange glow hangs overhead
like the ornaments on last years
christmas tree

gentle in its timid light
but powerfully poignant 
all the same

the flip side of it's orange sunshine
and resonate of all that it can hold 
you see it, but does it feel the same?

magically immense in perfect magnitude
we fly into its guiding light 
and i forget that you've already lost you

still hiding hope for that moment 
when your release is really yours
and all that you want is all that you own

my breath stays mine til you make it so
and as the reflections fade
i forget where we started

white noise disappears on deaf ears 
when you heard me it was true 
and now, this microphone goes silent

1 comment:

  1. Looking at your poetic words has triggered memories of falling in love for the very first time.
    Getting kissed was such a wonderful experience, as two became one when lips combine, an exstactic moment to savour in time, for this was what young lovers did.
    Yes this was earth moving stuff, hope it was the same for you lass, please compose some more as you have a wonderful gift, thanks.