July 12, 2012

in the woods

electric forest 2012

these shredded blades of grass seem sharper in the dark
walking towards the endless light
with no visibility in sight

it glows
in the distance with 
this magical reverb off the trees

keep walking
to the point 
where they all disappear

past the paper diamonds
and brightly colored flags

past the wall of trees
where no one seems to go
...but everyone ends up

in to the woods 
where the shadows get longer and
the stories disappear

i miss my memories 
when it was all succinct 
and sweetly tied


  1. Good to have you back............

  2. It's great to see you back at it.......

  3. I fear you write of Alzheimer's, which scares me. Not that writing about it is scary but that you are thinking about it.

    1. fear not my friend. Alzheimer's is far from my mind. Its about my experience in the woods at Electric Forest... amazing.

  4. Maybe I should stop trying to interpret your writing. ;) I'm happy I'm wrong!