August 28, 2012

maybe sometime

© CNirvana
model: Liilii 

he only answers when it doesn't ring 
pretending that she doesn't see 
this awkward sideways glance,
and still she stares with 
open eyes, watching

he uses his hands when he talks too much
one more stop, til my goodnight
and still wearing home the boots from Bergen street

his  chain hangs around his neck
like the golden cross
pinned tightly to that perfect spot
but still it has no story 

with this back and forth
crossed smiling faces
seemingly stable, yet never the same

with this change
jingling in my pocket
realizing that the noise comforts me
and feeling the warmth
against my palm in my pocket

i finally found what i've been looking for

1 comment:

  1. Reading your post is like life
    It's the journey
    Not the goal