July 28, 2009

the beauty of the one within

Ida Mae  
© CNirvana

its that time of life when all my friends are pregnant or raising there little ones.  bonding with babies and perpetuating the future.   im a relatively new aunt and can almost relate to the undying love and passion that is given to the creation of life that comes from nine months of growth.  i got to spend some time with my friend Ida in boston and capture the joy in her heart.  there really are no words that truly describe that little light... here are a few more with the finale of my little Julianna.   She sings and has the cutest little dimples.   warms my heart even when shes not around. 

Christina Marie

My sister Jenn

Introducing Julianna


  1. beautiful pictures Candace. love them all. and little Julianna has the cutest little chin and dimples! awe. :)