July 23, 2009

Mac and me forever will be

© CNirvana
Model credit: amber gangi

ever have one of those days that you wish would go away and never torment you again?  wiped clean from your memory, existence, past.  the fleeting flit that nearly ruined your reality as you thought you knew was obliterated... yeah.  sometimes i have those.  

today however i let those thoughts and distractions pass and sat quietly. occassionally distracted by the work i have to do, tons of edits.. always editing.  thank god for laptops, otherwise id be unemployed.  sigh.  so i stopped and thought about what tomorrow may be and lost myself in the stars.  the twinkles and sparkles that share their magic and make the day new.  til then...


  1. yeah. I have a few of those days.... ;) Thank goodness for blogs, eh?

    I love the name of your blog btw- flutterby wonderwhy....


  2. What a beautiful photo! I'm gonna follow your blog. :)