July 2, 2009


©Stan Bolton

Today I sat down and wrote one of the most challenging letters of my life.  Far more difficult then the 20 page papers i wrote in college and it consisted of only a couple paragraphs.  Not sure if its a good idea to start your day full of tears but it was a chore that had to be done.  A few sentences to a judge in the defense of my best friend.   the one person who i honestly miss... deeply.  writing that sentence alone is a challenge.

Today I actually had to think at work.  The photographer took me out of my little box and made me act.  Personify words projected on my body.  Pain, love, dissapointment, power...  challenged.  Something that my job rarely does anymore.  Work has become habit, no real thought or effort involved.  and habits as they say were meant to be broken.  Time to fly...

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  1. I enjoyed that day as well. You did a great job making the words live.