August 16, 2009

another year older, another year (fill in the blank)


the last week has been a wonderful blur of debachery, fun and merriment filled with good friends, family and strangers who left there mark... not necessarily in that order.  starting with a stint on the trapeze flying over NYC, one of my favorite cities.  finishing with an action packed day at the beach with two of the cutest munchkins i know.  life is good.  

its easy to get distracted and side tracked from your intended goals when there are so many things in life that make you pause.  i often catch myself thinking too far ahead and getting overwhelmed by what i have yet to do, things i don't have time for or the general fear of "what's next?".  one of my friends told me that he makes his new years resolutions in november to see if he has the staying power to actually follow through.  if he can't hold out til the actual resolution time he just doesn't bother.  thats one way to do it.  i personally think expectations are the only way to get disappointed.  i've never been a good planner  or manager of time so i often leave myself frustrated.   one day at a time.  moving faster only gets confusing.  

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  1. stay in the now, honestly, it's the only way i got through 24 hours of labor.