August 25, 2009

hot sauce

© Tito Trelles NYC

energized and fulfilled after a fabulous trip to NYC.  i was losing passion for my career and then met some amazing photographers, made some new friends and found what i had lost.  its easy to fall in to a routine, go through the motions and lose sight of what's important, why you started and why you continue to do what you love.  i got that back and was quoted as being the best stuff i've ever done and considering i've been at it for 8 years, thats saying a lot!  Thanks J and T.  miss you already...

sleep deprived and hurrying to finish too many things i pushed aside, i pack and repack and upack to head off again. soon ill stop, switch, stay.  Ahhh...

today i smile deeply, leaving the city of dreams with a little tear in my eye... but ill be back, soon. tomorrow in a far off land with camera in hand.  art to create and passion to flame.  i love my life, and my friends especially the good ones.