August 6, 2009

emotional contagion

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i started my day with a really good book today instead of rushing to the computer to check my email and the plethora of other mounting things that consume my day.  its always easier to be alone when you have the words to fill your mind.  the story was about the importance of the people that we surround ourselves with and how their shit can get in the way of our happiness.  I actually had this conversation the previous evening with a good glass of wine and one of my best buddies.  Good friends make a world of difference and that one bad seed can ruin your day.  sometimes its best to cut the cord and watch them grow from afar.  maybe the timing was just off and things are better left unsaid.  maybe it just wasn't meant to be.  or maybe it was...

so i sit with myself content with my thoughts and listening to some fantastic music thanks to yet another really great friend.  filling my day with things of necessity, productivity and comfort in knowing that one of my favorite people in my life comes to visit tonight.   food for thought...

"You have to do it by yourself, and you can't do it alone" martin rutte

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