January 15, 2010


©Chris Meredith

"Everything is different now
Don't get on that plane.
Why don't you just stay with me forever"

another day, another airport
another destination, another bed.
she laughs at the monotony of the adventure.

same is different now, some how.  something missing, something big and something oh so small. someday perhaps.

wandering the halls of this port, watching the people.  suits and ties, moms and strollers, wanderers, rushers, day dreamers.  i often wonder what the lives of the other travelera consist of.  making up stories of what I think they might be.  you can't know a person just by looking at them.  assumptions are often wrong and farfetched at best.  those that you do get to know though, really know and connect with are harder to let go of.

saying goodbye has never been easy for me yet somehow i do it almost daily.  letting this person in, reconnecting with that one, sacrificing for the other one. giver, helper, counselor, listener, mom without the baby.   i want everyone to be happy often at the sacrifice of my own.  

karma points...  check please, this one's on me.

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