January 28, 2010



i've been told i need to write more.  i've been told i need to shoot more.  i've been told that i need to settle down.  all things i want, i think.  good recommendations and requests from people i value.  the things that i tell myself are the ones i listen to, or so i tell myself.  i'm back to philly for a day and managed to check everything off my to do list.  it was a long one but easily accomplished when i take the time to focus, not get distracted by the other things and do what needs to be done. 

 prioritize, itemize, customize, finalize.

im packed and ready to head to NYC tomorrow.  more fun, adventure, wind, maybe snow. more pictures, frivolity, friends, maybe a show.  even when its cold it still feels like home.  even in the rain so does SF.  and as much as i try to deny it and tell myself i made the right decision, i never should have left DC.  
where will she stop, nobody knows...

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