January 11, 2010

hold on to yourself

©Simon Gentry
"I'm so far away from you
Pacing up and down my room"

whirlwind days spent in the city that holds my heart.  one of a select few that i could actually feel settled in given the chance. you feel like home, he says. 
safely in my house, i sit surrounded by my new found kitties getting acclamated to the scent of their new home.  another day, another life changing adventure.  it really only takes a second, a sentence, an eye opening realization to change your future. pay attention or the truth may pass you by.
i spent numerous hours with a woman that has more knowledge, experience, Life in her back pocket than anyone i know. and she is happy.  not like the word that you read in the dictionary but like the idea that you long to experience for at least that one moment because it may be the only one you get.  she has witnessed, counseled and eradicated immense pain and tragedy in her life and the lives of those that she chooses to surround herself with.  it is a choice when you let someone in to your life, she says.  i believe her.  it is more of a punctuation if you allow them to stay.  

the delicate balance of how you fit with him or her is always a challenge, an often endless question.  some combinations are easier than others. some are work, is it really worth it?   the ones that really count cant be explained or defined or let go of.  like two hands holding, things just fit... and sometimes the fingers slip.  but before two, there must be one. 

"You know one day I'll come back and I'd hold on to yourself
To yourself, I'd hold on to yourself"

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