January 6, 2010


© Mickle Design Werks

invitation extended 
to the special tea party
table set for 4
1,2,3 plus me

want to be bad
need to be good
the tea tastes bitter despite its sweet smell
as the sipping warms, the flavor grows

basking in the glow of the attendees
we participate in the back and forth banter
to know you is to love you, she says

i missed the sunrise again

for fear of leaving the fluff
the happy hole of darkness
satisfying eternally
full or empty

softness suffocates gently 
the blindfolded beauty, escape the revealry
with the sound of silence deafening 


  1. that pic utterly rocks.... You look amazing Ms Smith

  2. hmmm, mixed on the image here. And drink coffee instead! It'll keep you sharp, :)