December 21, 2009


© Audie Cleveland

n the city of millions that vibrates with it's own heartbeat,
invisible becomes easy
hidden in the masses, seemingly gone forever

oh to disappear...
ending in the wrong places
filled with the wrong songs

masquerading as some happy tourist
lights twinkle and the traffic flows
milling the slochy streets
shoes too big, hat too tight

the flock of geese fly in perfect formation
slightly delayed in their mission
that glance, the familiar stranger
have we met before?

and at the end of the four car train
the scaly skinned lady listens to her voices
moved by the need, her harmonica begins to play
she smiles not knowing if her face is listening

return to the puddley sidewalks covered in stories
trudging through the tundra in search of cloves
gloveless hands shoved deep
onward goes the million mile walk to
faraway again

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