December 24, 2009


©Brian Sullivan

as i sit here in my family's home trying to multitask and finish what needs to be done before the party starts, i realize something painfully obvious. quiet makes me nervous. i need noise... conversation, white noise, music. vibration of the sound waves. i need to hear things that distract me to really focus on what i need to do. the humming of the refrigerator isn't quite loud enough. i need music, even when its bad.. except for christmas music which apparently makes my head hurt.

i live in the city for the discordant mixture of sounds, it sleeps only when im not around to hear the noise. surrounded by the rush of traffic and the creation and destruction of life, quiet doesn't exist. in "far away from everything noisy" land i gear up to head out for a few more last minute gifts. did i do this on purpose to see the insanity and feel the excitement of the day before rush? i hate crowds and i often hate people, a bit claustrophobic, but the noise....

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  1. Lights I can't handle but noise I sleep like a lamb