December 14, 2009

the escapist

©Jonathan Friedman

as i continue to run, float and flutter wondering willingly about the me that i shall be. wishing that the me could settle, sit and stay still for a moment. just a couple maybe. im caught in the search for stability with no real desire to actually hold on to it. the choices of my day create my tomorrow and occasionally i connect with one or two that have a similar vision.

i build my make believe island in the sea with the sun always shining off the reflections of the vastness that swallows me and close enough to the city that pulses and vibrates with is cacophony. the best of both in my happy place. i want it all, i want it now. so realizing that the travel, constant momentum, is what keeps me sane i wonder if there is another wanderer out there that could hold my hand. that could manage the uncertainty that i create.

"and in the end
we lie awake
we dream
we're making our escape"



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