December 8, 2009

winter fall

© Dave Aharonian

snowflake sprinkled, sunlit path glowing with all it's splendor. sitting quietly, waiting patiently for the arrival of him and hers. the happy, vanity towel set that hangs neatly in the powder room. each sold separately.

the white crispness becoming soggy while frosty whilts on the well trimmed lawn. his smile fell off long ago but the winter wonderland makes his red scarf glow.

i left him today in the warmth of snuggle. not because i wanted to, but because i should. blinded by the want and missing the need. slow-motion ferris wheel, stop to let me off. the spinning made me dizzy yet I managed the straight line. direction, ahead- in fast forward. destination, contentment-where only sitting is allowed.

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